Sofa-Arm Table

Sofa-Arm Table


No room for a side table? Like to switch favorite seats? Add the space saver side table to the arm of your sofa & enjoy the convenience! 

Create a custom size that fits your sofa perfectly ! 


-Perfect for apartments, dorms, or small spaces


-9" - 12" Long - custom size to fit your sofa arm 


-Table Top approx 11" - varies based on the design needed to match your size sofa arm 


-Each arm is approx 5.5" (the part that is on each side of your sofa arm)


-Solid wood & handmade


-Stained in your favorite color & sealed for protection 


-Each arm table will look different, as each board takes stain differently & has unique grain patterns and knots

**--Please be sure to measure your sofa arm before ordering to be sure it will fit your sofa--**


**Pictured Color: Dark Walnut & Red Mahogany

This table has been a life saver! I made myself one, and use it all the time. I can be a bit lazy when I watch television, and this table makes it so I never have to move!

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